Full Moon in Scorpio

Tonight is the Full Pink Moon in Scorpio! This Full Moon is a juicy one, friends! It’s all about illuminating the shadows. It’s here to unveil those skeletons in the closet. Even if that just means your inner light. This Full Moon will unveil the gunk that needs to be let go of. Whatever you have been hiding will need to come up to the surface. It’s just coming up to get out. Having the awareness will help you let go of the things holding you back. Bringing things up to the surface will help them be cleared. You may be feeling extra sensitive around this time. You may want to hide and retreat from the outside world. Don’t be afraid. Explore new parts of yourself. Those ideas that you’ve push

New Moon in Aries

It’s a New Moon today! A New Moon in the fiery sign of Aries. The sign of Aries is known for being daring and impulsive and this New Moon is the perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Use the Aries energy to take make those changes and take a leap of faith. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and our New Moon marks the beginning of the Lunar cycle bringing with her a fresh new wave of energy. Lots of energy. This New Moon is filled with it. Use the energy to plant those seeds and manifest your deepest dreams. There is never a dream too big or small. Mercury in retrograde is ending on this moon. Bringing a closure to a bit of the chaos and disorder. It seems that this New Moon wi

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