Super Blue Blood Moon

It's here! The big celestial event that you've been reading and hearing about, The Super Blue Blood Moon! Say that ten times fast. It's a pretty big deal. It's the 1st one in 152 years. 152 YEARS! So, what does all that even mean? 1) Super Moon = The Moon sits closer to the Earth and will appear larger in the sky. 2) Blue Moon = The 2nd Full Moon in the same calendar month. Hence the saying, "Once in a Blue Moon." 3) Blood Moon = Lunar Eclipse. The Earth swings between the Sun and the Moon and casts a shadow on the Moon. The Moon will turn a dusty red color from the refracting light. Us lucky viewers in California get to see the “total eclipse phase from start to finish” starting around 4:51

January 2018 New Moon

It's a New Moon in Capricorn today and the last Moon before a new range of eclipses start. Those will bring on an energy of their own but for this Moon, the energy will be more focused and driven. It's a great time to map out the year and set some goals. The New Moon is the end of a cycle and the time to set intentions and plant those seeds. January is full of energy and so is this New Moon. It will feed those intentions and goals and the Universe will help them grow. This is the best time to make a fresh start and begin a new project. Money and security are the themes for this year. If it's an area in your life that could use a little guidance set your intentions with the moon. Do some self

The Full "Wolf" Moon. A New Year Moon.

The Full "Wolf" Moon is upon us tonight! It is the second of three Super Moons in a row. The third one will be coming on January 31st. Yup, that's right, January has TWO Full Moons! Also known as The Cold Moon. This Super Moon will appear brighter in the sky. Our January 31st Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse. This Moon's brightness will dim and take on a reddish hue. The Full Wolf Moon is in the vibration of a meaningful spiritual number, "11". It falls on 1/1 and the moon is 11° in Cancer. 2018 is also an 11 year. 2+0+1+8= 11. 11 is a Master number in Numerology. It symbolizes a frequency of balance. Balance in the Feminine and Masculine. Balance in the Sun energy and the Moon energy. Seei

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