About Michelle

    Michelle, now living on Orcas Island, WA, was fist introduced to Reiki back in 2001 and has been practicing Usui Reiki since 2010. She had the honor to study Reiki Level I & II under Reiki Master Teacher Sandra Teran of Grace Center in Chicago. She studied her Mastership under Reiki Master Teacher Vicky Luna of Heart Expansion Reiki in San Diego. 

    Yoga has been a pretty big part of her life since 2000. The joy and strength it has brought her has been life changing. She loves to share it's gifts with others. She received her 200 HR, Yoga Alliance Certified Gentle, Hatha, and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 with the lovely Nita Mehta of Yoga Jai Ma in San Diego. The training opened her eyes and doors to a new way of living, a new way of thinking, and a new way of being.

    In 2017 she had the honor of studying Yoga Nidra under Katya Lovejoy of Lovejoy Wellness in San Diego. It was such a blessing. Katya is an Angel of light and the ability to carry on her teachings is an honor she will always cherish. Yoga Nidra is such a beautiful "secret" and she enjoys spreading the light it brings.  

    She fell in love with the outdoors and hiking at the age of 17 when she moved to Colorado. She later discovered how much the mountains and the trails would heal her. She spent some time backpacking in College and even took some wilderness courses her first few years of school before switching to study Interior Design. She's preparing to hike the John Muir Trail NOBO the summer fall of 2020 so you can often find her out on the trails if she isn't in Yoga class . She's also an ambassador for the Hikerbabes Orcas Island Chapter and a 52 Hike Challenge Leader with Washington State.


FUN FACT: She's a Senior Photo Stylist too! Traveling all over to bring quality imagery to life! Feel free to contact her for portfolio and bookings.



What is Reiki?

    Reiki is a form of energy work and chakra balancing. It's great for stress reduction, relaxation and pain relief.  It's administered through hands to the clients body. A treatment feels like a beautiful warm light filling the body, bringing balance, peace, calmness and a greater vibration to oneself.

    Everything has a vibration and Reiki will help align and radiate your own vibration so that you can feel balanced and harmonized. You'll start by lying down fully clothed. I'll use my hands to either touch or hover over the parts of your body that I sense blockages. Most sessions last about an hour and end with some suggested crystals to use to keep that energy flowing.

    Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It can help heal emotions, pain, confusion and bring back alignment to your chakra system. Paired with Yoga Nidra and crystal work, Reiki will help you feel more centered and grounded. It can connect you to your own spiritual path and open your mind and body to help aid in listening to the Universe. It's a very powerful tool that can help you lead a more peaceful life.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra or "yogic sleep” is a gentle practice that brings the consciousness and body to that place between being awake and being asleep. I will take you on a guided visual meditation to promote deep relaxation and healing. You will go on inner self journeys exploring your true life's path.  

    With Yoga Nidra your ability to meditate becomes much easier with clear visualizations truly allowing you to melt, relax, and recharge. 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. It's such a beautiful way to really connect to one's self, heal and relax.

    Class begins with a gentle Hatha flow. Working out any stagnant energy will allow for a more peaceful Shavasana. It is during your Shavasana where the guided meditation begins and all the beautiful magic happens. Yoga Nidra has really benefited my meditation practice and it can yours as well. This is a great tool to aid in deep relaxation.